Ebrei in Toscana XX e XXI secolo

Jews in Tuscany (20th and 21st century)

Jews in Tuscany (20th and 21sy Century) is scheduled to debut in Florence in the middle of December 2016, at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Sala delle Carrozze. The exhibition will examine one hundred years of Jewish life in Tuscany and the links between these communities and the rest of the Jewish world in Italy, as well as in Europe, the Mediterranean, and further abroad.  The project, spearheaded by the Istituto Storico della Resistenza e della Società Contemporanea di Livorno (Institute of the History of the Resistance and of Contemporary Society in the Province of Livorno, ISTORECO)  is funded by Regione Toscana.

The importance of Jewish culture in the region’s history is connected to a widespread, diverse network of Jewish communities, ranging from the one in Livorno (unquestionably the largest) to the one in Florence, and after them, in terms of economic and cultural importance, those of Pisa, Siena, Viareggio, and the small settlement of Pitigliano, not to overlook family groups in other towns, like the Nunes family in Piombino, the Bemporad family in Rosignano and the Finzi family in Anghiari. Each community, through its members, has ties to the rest of the world. Some families come from the long-ago Sephardic emigration, others from Latin America, others from around the Mediterranean. Each community is also connected in various ways to the Zionist tradition in Italy and abroad, to cultural movements in the rest of the country, and to the major ideologies of the twentieth century.

Space will be devoted not only to describing these communities during Italy’s Liberal era, under Fascism, and in the period of persecution, but to how they evolved after World War II: as smaller groups, compared to the ones found in the 1938 census, having been devastated by the arrests and deportations of the period from ’43 to ’45, but also by flight to countries like the USA, or to Palestine, and later, Israel. Moreover, all of the Tuscan communities, especially the ones in Livorno and Florence, underwent other radical transformations that began in the mid-Fifties, and continued in the Sixties and Seventies with the arrival of new groups from the Middle East.

The exhibition will close with a very topical section that describes the Jewish communities of today and all that they express; tied together by networks of fellowship, but also by a web of difficulties.
After its Florentine debut in December 2016, the exhibition will travel to Livorno, we envision further stages yet to be defined, some of them in other countries.  

The exhibition will be made up of panels, multimedia installations, photographs, documents (including family documents), and audio and video recordings. It will be in two languages, Italian and English, and will be aimed at specialists but also at the general public; at adults, but also at young people from Italy and abroad.

You can support this initiative making a donation via bank transfer to:

ISTORECO Istituto Storico della Resistenza e della Società Contemporanea nella provincia di Livorno
Complesso della Gherardesca,
Via Galileo Galilei 40
57122 Livorno
C.F. 92099410497
Banca Cras
IBAN: IT08L088851390000000230900

You can support by sending material in a digital format, calling our attention to publications and stories: you can see the section “La Storia sei anche tu”.

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Iniziative 25 Aprile 2019


4 aprile 2019 - presentazione del volume "Una chiesa in guerra. Sacrificio e mobilitazione nella diocesi di Firenze 1911-1928".


27 marzo 2019 - Violenza contro le donne. Dimensione storica e attualità.


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